San Francisco 49ers having a hard time with Brandon Aiyuk

San Francisco 49ers having a hard time with Brandon Aiyuk

The offseason is always an interesting time.

For the Arizona Cardinals, it has been quite a bit different than previous seasons, as they have had little to no drama (knock on wood).

Some teams are dealing with off the field issues, like the Kansas City Chiefs, meanwhile other teams are dealing with issues of contracts.

That is what is happening with the San Francisco 49ers, as Brandon Aiyuk has been trying to get traded for months… allegedly.

Well, this seems to be becoming more clear, as the Washington Commanders were up for a deal, until they were not.


Well my buddy Sigmund Bloom talks about it:

This is where things creep in that always seem to be interesting to me.

The Niners are asking for the moon, allegedly, for a player they don’t regard as being worth paying at that high of a level.

So, they want to have their cake and eat it too.

You say, “Oh man no one will meet our asking price, that shows no one regards you that highly… So, we are not going to pay you that highly either.”

This should be a fun one to watch unfold, especially as Aiyuk continues to post through it:


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