The NFC South is the worst division in the NFL and quarterbacks are a big reason why

The NFC South is the worst division in the NFL and quarterbacks are a big reason why

If you ask NFL fans which division is the worst in the NFL, if not unanimous, the overwhelming majority would certainly say the NFC South. Not only is the division home to the Carolina Panthers, the league’s worst team in 2023, but the division champion, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, only had a 9-8 record. That shows that even the top of the division is just average.

These teams have been making moves to try and and improve. The Buccaneers re-signed their core, the Panthers surrounded their young quarterback Bryce Young with weapons and protection, the Atlanta Falcons acquired Kirk Cousins, and the New Orleans Saints made a few veteran signings that they believe will get them over the hump.

Still, expectations aren’t high for the division going into the 2024 season. A big reason why that’s the case is the quarterbacks in the division. That was evident in a recent ranking of the divisions by quarterback. Like general division rankings, the NFC South was last.

NFC South ranked worst NFL division by quarterbacks

Eric Edholm recently did this ranking in a piece for the NFL’s official website, looking at things like last season’s performance, injuries, and potential, to determine which divisions have the best quarterbacks top to bottom. Unfortunately for the NFC South, Edholm believes they’re at the bottom.

Edholm admitted that the names don’t look horrible on the surface, and that they have redeemable elements. He even gave a positive outlook for the teams in the NFC South. However, all things considered, it’s hard to put any other division below the NFC South. Of course that could all change this season.

A strong year from one or two of the quarterbacks in the division could change the perception of the entire NFC South. However, going into the season, there won’t be a sense of any divisional pride. Each quarterback and team will be hoping to leave the rest of the division at the bottom of the league. While that will be the goal, expectations will be another mediocre season.

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