The Philadelphia Eagles head coach got embarrassed

In this most recent rating, the Houston Texans humiliate the Philadelphia Eagles.

Attending an NFL game is not cheap, but the Houston Texans are making it much more affordable than most.
A trip to an NFL game is not inexpensive. Without factoring in taxes and fees, which may push the price of a ticket well over $400, tickets for the Houston Texans alone range from $53 to $385. If you’re anything like me, you’d prefer to watch the team play at home rather than shell out hundreds of dollars for a subpar perspective. The cheaper seats are very high up.
Nonetheless, attending a game is a lot of fun. You do miss part of the sense of community that comes with attending these kinds of events, even though watching from home may be much less expensive and involve less traffic. It’s quite the thrill to watch hundreds and thousands of fans cheering while the Texans dominate on the field.
The Texans’ top brass seemed to want to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. Every athletic event in the nation has expensive food and drink options in addition to expensive tickets. Still, the Texans might provide some of the finest value for your money of any NFL stadium if you enjoy beer.

When it comes to pricing per beer, the Houston Texans rank among the worst seven teams, according to Vine Pair (via Tyler Webb on Twitter). In Houston, the price of a 16-ounce beer is $8.00. While it’s still a bit much for a drink in a pub, it’s almost twice as much as what the Philadelphia Eagles charge—$14.67. The greatest cost in the division.
The Texans are not only among the cheapest sellers, but they’re also significantly less expensive than the typical cost of a beer. Getting a beer at the Texans NRG Stadium is a full $1.56 less expensive than the NFL average of $9.56.

The Texans have some of the most affordable (in comparison) costs of any NFL venue. In light of this, keep in mind that things might always be worse if you’re upset about the cost of beer. If you were an Eagles fan, you might be spending almost twice as much.

Having said that, always remember to drink responsibly and never drive after intoxication.

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