New York Giants players fighting for their futures with the team

This season, there are five NY Giants who need to demonstrate that they are irreplaceable.


Can these Giants players perform well this season?
Several players for the New York Giants could be fighting for their futures with the team throughout the forthcoming season as the team approaches a critical 2024. In the NFL, nothing is guaranteed, and many of New York’s players’ futures in 2024 and beyond are no different.

Still, there’s an opportunity for some to showcase their talent, and remain with Big Blue for the foreseeable future if they’re able to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. Regardless, it’ll all come down to how the team performs throughout 2024, and the contributions made by each individual on the chopping block. Ahead of what should be a whirlwind couple of months for the franchise, here are five Giants players who must prove they can’t be replaced after this season:

5. QB Daniel Jones

The easiest Giants player to point to and wonder if they’ll be with the franchise beyond 2024 also plays the most important position in all of sports, and that’s the team’s quarterback in Daniel Jones. It seems as if Jones has been fighting an uphill battle ever since he arrived in New York.

Of course, he was drafted No. 6 overall, so the weight of great expectations were already placed on him, but whether it was Dave Gettleman’s roster construction, Joe Judge’s coaching or a shoddy offensive line, one thing or another has derailed his time in East Rutherford.

While Jones had an amazing season in 2022 under Brian Daboll, his performance in the previous season destroyed all of the goodwill he had acquired with both the media and fans. The deck may be stacked against him now that he is back from a long list of ailments, but this is nothing Jones hasn’t faced during his NFL career.

If Jones plays as well as he did last autumn, the Giants may exercise the out clause in his contract that expires at the end of this season. For the quarterback in 2024, everything is on the line. If he doesn’t get better, he won’t be in New York by 2025.

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