Saskatchewan Roughriders are no longer interested with the claims

Davis: Who claims that the fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders are no longer engaged?

Every call-in program and publication in Rider Nation receives complaints from consumers about the cost of tickets, concessions, and on-field performance.
In its fiscal year 2023, the Saskatchewan Roughriders paid $2.6 million in interest and carrying fees, if this calculation—which was reportedly done by a non-accountant—is accurate. It caused a year that had been lucrative to become unprofitable.
However, it’s not that significant. Not any longer.

Apparently, the days when the community-owned CFL franchise would have folded after losing $3 million are long gone. These days, $2.6 million is small change, a necessary expense of running a business and a portion of the Roughriders’ fee for using a ballpark owned by the city.

It contributed only little to the Roughriders’ $1.1 million operating loss from the previous season. During a media briefing on Tuesday morning, Chief Financial Officer Kent Paul enumerated the primary causes of the loss. Later that evening, at the community-owned franchise’s annual general meeting, he repeated the report to shareholders.

Paul stated that the team’s fan base and ticket sales had been negatively impacted by the team’s two straight 6-and-12 records and lack of postseason action.

“Everyone in Rider Nation has been impacted by the economy, which has challenged their ability to attend Rider games and their disposable income due to rising interest rates and high inflation over the past few years.”

In 2023, the Roughriders would have made $1.5 million if those additional banking expenses hadn’t occurred. Earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization is what that is. Accountants refer to it by its acronym, EBIDA. The majority of the Roughriders’ post-EBIDA payments go toward funding the team’s continued contributions to the $280 million, 33,000-seat Mosaic Stadium project, which was finished in 2016.

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