New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll is sick

Observe: This offseason, Brian Daboll has shed several pounds.

During the offseason, Brian Daboll has shed a few pounds.

Daboll made an appearance on Thursday night at a New York Giants celebration honoring the team’s 100 years of existence at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Legends of the franchise, such as Lawrence Taylor and Eli Manning, made appearances at the “New York Giants 100: A Night with Legends” event.

Daboll appeared more trim than he did in the previous season in the event.
Daboll has already acknowledged that he and other organization members had taken part in a weight-loss contest.

The 49-year-old head coach of the Giants is about to begin his third campaign. He has acknowledged that his weight varies and that, once the season starts, he expects to put on weight. He may, however, take pride in his more toned appearance for the time being.

Do you believe he prevailed over the other workers in the challenge?

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