Denver Broncos 2024 success hinges on these three major factors

Denver Broncos 2024 success hinges on these three major factors

Nothing is really stopping the Denver Broncos from being a successful team in 2024. However, their success does hinge on these three major factors. Things like penalties, turnover differential, and other statistics come into play for every team, but there are three obvious factors that will make or break the Denver Broncos 2024 season.

The team is more talented on paper and could realistically win more than eight games. It would be a remarkable turnaround from their five-win, clown show of a 2022 NFL Season. The team has a clear path forward with Sean Payton and his staff, and it’s a huge breath of fresh air.

The team recently hired a respected football mind in David Shaw, and between their free agency, NFL Draft class, and existing personnel and staff members, Denver might be in a great spot to be a breakout team for 2024.

Let’s cover three of the biggest factors for the Denver Broncos success in 2024.

Denver Broncos 2024 success hinges on these three major factors
Bo Nix’s performance as a rookie

Obviously, perhaps the biggest factor to the Denver Broncos success in 2024 is how Bo Nix performs as a rookie. Now yes, he has not officially been named the starting QB of the team, but to me, he will eventually earn that spot, and that announcements could come very late in the offseason, perhaps not coming until the preseason is over.

Nonetheless, Nix performing well as a rookie can help the Broncos win more than eight games, their win total from 2023. If he is one of those rookie QBs that needs a year to really figure it out, Denver may win less than eight games. NFL teams go how their QB goes, so this should not be a surprise to anyone. Bo Nix does have the skillset, personnel, and coaching to have a very strong rookie season.

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