Orleans saints board sued for allegation of none payments

Saints respond sharply to the board’s assertion that they have not paid for the renovations to the Superdome.

In reaction to an allegation that the team is late on payments to the Superdome Commission, which are required for the continuing renovations of the Caesars Superdome, the New Orleans Saints released a statement on Wednesday.

The statement from team spokesman Greg Bensel read:

“The New Orleans Saints have been and will continue to be great partners with the LSED and the State of Louisiana. We are proud of our nearly $200 million commitment we have made to the renovation of the Caesars Superdome to make it one of the best, most iconic stadiums in the world. Representatives of the team have, in good faith, been in regular communications and meetings with representatives of the LSED regarding the stadium project and related matters. We have no issue with making the current payment of $11.5 million or, for that matter, the remaining balance.

“We have, however, asked for certain documentation over an extended period and we have not received that documentation. Prior to our last payment in December, we requested the documentation, but in good faith we continued to fund. We have been waiting and requesting that documentation since that date and most recently expected it before today’s LSED meeting. Yet, another timeline has slipped with no explanation or communication of any kind.

“We have reached out to the LSED on numerous occasions, but unfortunately no communications were returned until Tuesday afternoon. When the satisfactory documentation is provided, a payment will immediately be authorized. Unfortunately, it was disappointing to hear the comments coming out of the LSED meeting today that the team is not acting in good faith, when, in fact, we feel the opposite is true.

“We are hopeful that this matter can be resolved expeditiously as any delay would be very unfortunate for all parties (and for the city).”


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