Cowboys owner Jerry Jones got the head coach McCarthy fired

The claim that Mike McCarthy was “fed up” with Jerry Jones is denied

Reportedly, Mike McCarthy, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, is “fed up” with Jerry Jones undercutting him, but sources inside the company dispute this.
This week, a rumor claiming Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is “fed up” with Jerry Jones caused quite a stir. The report cited the Cowboys’ lack of initiative in extending the contracts of Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb as well as their inaction in free agency.
But now, that report is being denied.

People close to the Cowboys organization told the Dallas Morning News that the claim was “overly dramatic.”

The head coach and team management still have a rocky relationship, even if McCarthy downplays that he is “fed up” with Jones.

“Some of McCarthy’s issues have more to do with how the Cowboys do business, regardless of the coach, and are a byproduct of dealing with today’s players,” the report states.

“An example of this is Micah Parsons. McCarthy was irked the Cowboys’ star pass rusher didn’t show up for the early stages of the voluntary offseason program while new defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer was implementing a new scheme.”

McCarthy was also upset with the Cowboys’ handling of Ezekiel Elliott, who they signed after the NFL Draft this spring. McCarthy was reportedly anxious about losing Elliott to another team.

McCarthy is entering the final year of his contract and hopes to land a contract extension after leading the Cowboys to three straight 12-win seasons.

McCarthy hired agent Don Yee during the offseason to represent him in negotiations.

McCarthy’s future in Dallas ultimately hinges on the team’s success this season. Jerry Jones and the team will probably search elsewhere for a head coach in 2025 if they have another dismal postseason run.

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