Judge drops civil lawsuit against cowboys dark prescott

Dak Prescott, the quarterback for the Cowboys, had a sexual assault complaint dismissed.

September 13 is the day of the hearing for sanctions against the plaintiff and her attorneys.
On Wednesday, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s complaint alleging sexual assault was dismissed. The claim was filed earlier this year.

Dallas police announced in May that they will not press charges against Prescott due to a lack of proof of a crime being committed. In a Collin County courthouse on Wednesday, NBC 5 confirmed that a motion to dismiss the case had been granted.

Prescott’s attorney, Levi McCathern, spoke with NBC 5 and credited Prescott with taking action after an attempted extortion and for being an open book with the Dallas police during their investigation. He said Prescott was ecstatic and happy with the court’s ruling because he knew he’d done nothing wrong.

“To have the validation of now not just the police departments that have investigated it but also the court in Judge Tucker is very validating to him,” said McCathern. “So, we’re happy to announce there’s no more charges against him, we’re happy that the court did what they did today.”

McCathern described the plaintiff’s allegations as a money grab and said any allegations of illegality, wrongdoing or unfair play on the part of Prescott never happened.

McCathern said a motion for sanctions against the plaintiff and her attorneys will be heard Sept. 13 to determine if there should be monetary sanctions for the frivelous lawsuit.

“I think everyone there was confused by the attempt to justify what was done here. This is literally an example of what not to do as an attorney,” McCarthern said. “I’m upset at Mrs. Shores for bringing these allegations against Dak, but I’m far more upset against the attorneys that supported these false allegations and supported them in a way that was not legal.”

McCathern said he’s received private apologies since the court’s decision, but believes a public apology is warranted.

Attorneys for the plaintiff have not responded to NBC 5’s request for comment.


In March, a woman filed a police report alleging she was assaulted by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott at the end of his rookie season seven years ago.

In her report, the woman claimed she’d been sexually assaulted by Prescott in 2017 while in the parking lot of a Dallas strip club.

Prescott denied the woman’s allegation and filed a civil lawsuit, saying she and her attorneys were trying to extort him. According to the lawsuit, the woman and her attorneys wrote Prescott a letter saying she wouldn’t pursue criminal charges or go public with her claim if he paid her $100 million.

Detectives with the Dallas Police Department investigated the woman’s claim. In May, the department said the case had been closed and that detectives determined there was insufficient evidence that an offense had been committed. The case was never handed over to the district attorney’s office or sent to a grand jury.

A representative for the Prosper Police Department said its criminal investigation into Prescott’s extortion claims concluded on May 1 and was referred to the Collin County District Attorney’s office with the charge of attempted theft by coercion.

If and when the accuser is charged will be decided by a grand jury.

Prescott’s civil action against his accuser and her lawyers is proceeding, McCathern said on Wednesday.

“He will be donating 100% of the proceeds he receives into charities that support true survivors of sex assault,” stated McCathern.

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