BREAKING; Ex-Packers receiver Randall house on fire

Ex-Packers receiver Randall Cobb’s wife reveals scary details about house fire

Randall Cobb is the 11th all-time leading receiver in Green Bay Packers history and one of the franchise’s most admired players of all-time. Recently, Cobb’s wife revealed a harrowing situation that involved a Tesla battery catching fire and led to the burning of the family’s home

The news was revealed as Packers QB Jordan Love revealed a major update on his love life heading into the 2024 season. The Packers franchise also voted in a new “de factor owner.”

Cobb’s story has fans sharing words of encouragement and prayers on social media as the news begins to find itself in the mainstream cycle.

Ex-Packer Cobb, Family Survive Terrifying House Fire

Saying that the family is “lucky to be alive,” Aiyda Cobb took to social media to share her family’s story.

“We are lucky to be alive. The Tesla charger caught on fire in the garage late last night and quickly spread. We got out of the house with nothing but the clothes on our back and the shoes on our feet.

“I’ll explain more later,” she added, with the message “Thank you GOD” and a praying hands emoji included at the end.

The couple has three young sons, Caspian, Cade and Chance.

Cobb’s Career Continues With Jets

Cobb now plays for the New York Jets with his former Packers teammate Aaron Rodgers. Last season, the 33-year-old former Kentucky Wildcats star had five catches for 39 yards and a touchdown. Cobb made the Pro Bowl in 2014 and is now a free agent.

The former Pro Bowl receiver revealed in an Instagram post that he ran back into the family’s home and retrieved their dog Louie. He and his wife Aiyda also thanked the Nashville Fire Department, Fire Chief and Fire Captain for their support in making sure the entire family was safe and sound.

The Cobbs went on to say that they do not know how much of their home and possessions are salvageable at this particular time.

“We are grateful for our incredible community here in Nashville,” the former Packers star’s message also stated.


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