The Judge has passed his verdict on NFL Sales Executive

NFL Sales Executive Arrest in Nashville Has Caused Viral Videos

One NFL sales executive was making the headlines following an arrest that took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Mary-Kate Wichalonis was allegedly involved in an altercation with a security guard at a club and was arrested for striking the man.

Mary-Kate was recently hired by the Tennessee Titans as sales executive, but now faces some consequences for the alleged altercation

NFL Executive Arrested For Assault

The Titans new executive allegedly got into a physically altercation with security guard Noah Williams, when she went to Whiskey Row on June 18th. The police report shared more information on the matter and it was obtained by Scoop Nashville.

The report is lengthy, but here are a few key parts:

When officers arrived, they located Wichalonis on the ground, detained by security. Officers asked security to back up so they could speak with Wichalonis. While officers walked with her to their patrol car, they noticed she showed several signs of impairment and reeked of alcohol.

Then, officers spoke with Williams, who stated he witnessed Wichalonis attempting to sneak her boyfriend into the bar. Williams added that when he went to remove Wichalonis, she became aggressive and struck him six times in the head before other security guards took her down. Another security guard corroborated Williams’ statements.

Then, when officers asked Wichalonis about the occurrence, she stated she tried sneaking her boyfriend in because he had lost his ID. Initially, Wichalonis qualified for a citation but refused to give officers her fingerprints, so they detained her. Wichalonis was taken into custody for public intoxication and assault on June 19th

Wichalonis was thrilled to land her job with the Titans and called her dream job.

Since the story broke, it has gone quickly viral and has been making the rounds on social media. However, both Mary-Kate and the organization have not commented on this situation yet, and she may face consequences in the future.

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