Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman son set the father

The postgame interview is interrupted by Alex Bregman’s son, who wants to visit the batting cage.

“He’s been begging all weekend.”
Alex Bregman, the third baseman for the Houston Astros, stole the show in Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles. However, his kid delightfully and endearingly outdid him in the postgame interview after the game.

In what was almost a perfect game of baseball all season, Bregman reached base in all five of his plate appearances on Sunday, including two doubles, two singles, and a walk.
Bregman’s day was made even more memorable by the Astros’ 8-1 victory, which was much needed given that the team is unexpectedly below.500 on the year.

Bregman answered questions from media following the game. Knox, his 23-month-old son, was not in the mood to listen to his father brag about his fantastic day, though. Knox, who had apparently been asking about the batting cage and dugout all weekend, begged him to take him there instead.
Knox yelled, “Dada, Dada, batting cage.” “Dragout, cage.”

Alex Bregman stated, “He’s been begging all weekend,” in a video that Astros beat reporter Brian McTaggart posted on X. “He wants to visit the dugout and the (batting) cage. Thus, we will lead him to the dugout and cage.

Bregman’s great performance was undoubtedly helpful. Not that he wouldn’t have brought Knox to the dugout and batting cage anyhow. But after a great day at the plate, you have to assume that Bregman was much more inclined to oblige Knox’s postgame demands.
We might have another MLB star in the Bregman family in the far future if Knox spends enough time in the batting cage with his dad in the years to come.

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