Tennessee Titans executive officer detained for alleged assault

Sales executive for the Tennessee Titans detained for alleged assault at Dierks Bentley’s bar in Nashville

This Instagram model and sales executive for the Tennessee Titans has had a difficult few days. Last Tuesday, Mary-Kate Wichalonis was taken into custody at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row pub in downtown Nashville. The cause? Wicholanis is accused of striking a security guard’s head six times.
Metro Nashville Police claim that Wichalonis attempted to smuggle another person into the pub, which is when the altercation started. When a security guard intervened to restrain her, Wichalonis became aggressive and carried out the purported attack. It took multiple bouncers to intervene in order to halt the onslaught.

Wichalonis said that her partner had misplaced his driver’s license and that she was trying to get him to enter the pub covertly.
Any pub in downtown Nashville that serves alcohol is likely to have petty fights while the drinks are flowing, and the cops said they were okay with her leaving with a citation rather than an arrest. Wichalonis, though, resisted giving her fingerprints to the authorities. After then, she was taken into custody and taken to the police station.
Wichalonis is accused of both assault and public intoxication. She was given a $1,100 bond and freed to await her trial at a later time.

Wichalonis and the Tennessee Titans’ representatives have not responded to inquiries about the matter.

Whiskey Row Can Become raucous at times.
At any of the four Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row bar locations, drama has occasionally broken out. Colt Ford, a country music artist, had a heart attack at the Gilbert, Arizona site in April. In addition, a lady was charged with shooting a gun at the Denver, Colorado facility last year after being turned away.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with Whiskey Row. It’s no secret that honky tonks occasionally have fights and other crazy events. That’s just part of the territory. However, perhaps refrain from striking a security guard in the face.

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