Titans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins slams NFL executives

DeAndre Hopkins, the star wide receiver for the Titans, slams NFL executives for claiming that “he could not play anymore.”


DeAndre Hopkins of the Tennessee Titans is one of the league’s top seasoned wide receivers. In 2023, Hopkins achieved yet another 1,000-yard receiving season, making it seven in his 11 NFL seasons.
Following his 2022 suspension for breaking the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs, a number of executives expressed their belief that Hopkins’s days as a top receiver were over.

According to a piece by seasoned NFL analyst Albert Breer, there is a healthy disagreement over exactly how much of Hopkins is still available. When I questioned a seasoned team executive about what remained, he texted back, “Not much.” He’s no longer able to run. ‘He’s still a good player,’ was a different response. Excellent route runner; large, robust target with the ability to play a ball in the air. He remains a danger. A third person performed both sides of it.”
Hopkins made the decision to highlight his continued influence on those executives and insiders, regardless of whether he was making a direct reference to this story.

On his Twitter/X page, Hopkins posted a highlighter video along with the statement, “Remember the articles from so-called top executives saying I cant play anymore 😂😂, In Ran We trust.”
Hopkins pulled together a 2023 campaign that includes 1,057 yards, seven touchdowns, and a 14.1 yards per reception average, so he has every right to laugh at the notions that he is washed up in any way.

Despite some difficulties related to his PED violation, Hopkins was able to get back on track this past season and is expected to reunite with Titans quarterback Will Levis in 2024.

The Titans signed Hopkins to a two-year, $26 million contract in 2023, and if he were to record another 1,000-yard season in 2024, the team would be well-positioned to sign him to a multi-year contract.
Despite being 32 years old, Hopkins has demonstrated that he still has a significant impact. With the addition of Tyler Boyd and Calvin Ridley to the roster in the summer, the Titans’ offense may present him with even more possibilities. Given that all three receivers will be a threat to defenses, Hopkins may have even more chances to exploit them with his superb route running.

On a squad that has the potential to surprise everyone in the AFC this season, Hopkins remains a reliable deep threat receiver and an experienced voice. The signings of the aforementioned receivers, Tony Pollard, the running back, and new head coach Brian Callahan might make the Titans a thrilling team to watch in 2024.

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