Texans signs mulyi-million contract with Kenyon Gree after..

Worth of Things: Kenyon Gree, a key player for the Texans

Blame and credit are problematic because they are frequently distributed to an excessive number of or insufficient number of persons. Before we dive into the details of this, let me take a moment to compare two scenarios. As some of you may have seen, I write a regular piece similar to this one at Crawfish Boxes. This is another one of those situations when we wind up discussing the same topics.

In economics, there is a notion known as “sunken costs.” In essence, money is lost as soon as it is committed to someone or anything. When decisions are made without taking that basic reality into consideration, organizations frequently find themselves in hot water. Kenyon Green was selected by the Houston Texans. There are some guarantees attached to the rookie contract.

The Astros and Jose Abreu were in a comparable circumstance. He was performing much below expectations, but the organization made some critical errors AFTER they signed him. They disregarded obvious indicators that something wasn’t right. Even so, they sent him down for a month. In the end, they chose to let him go rather than give him more opportunities to demonstrate his lack of skill.

Nick Caserio and DeMeco Ryans enter. Regarding Kenyon Green from last season, I’m not sure who had the last say. Either one or both of them could have been the case. Still, there’s a ton of wisdom in what they accomplished. Whether it was psychological, physical, or a combination of both, Green wasn’t prepared to play professional football last season. They

I believe that Green would have been broken if they had taken such action. A staggering 99 percent of athletes never recover from two seasons as bad as that one. Even with all the positive energy to the contrary, he still faces a steep disadvantage. Most interior lineman selected in the first round are either busts or excellent right away. It differs from tackles, who require time to mature.

The Texans’ management succeeded in providing Green with the greatest opportunity for success. They were aware of the depressing truths about buried costs. The money is no longer with you. It is no longer there. As much as possible, you should try to maximize the amount of money you have invested in production. Green was allowed to press the reset button.

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