Kansas City Chiefs to sign Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lamb

CeeDee Lamb, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, is sent to the Kansas City Chiefs in a major trade proposal.

The upcoming season for the Dallas Cowboys has the potential to drastically alter the team’s trajectory in the near and distant future. With one year left on his contract and the organization unwilling to give him an extension, head coach Mike McCarthy is a lame duck. Since joining the Cowboys as head coach, he has a dismal 1-3 record in the NFL Playoffs. McCarthy will need to lead the team in the playoffs if he hopes to stay in his position after they lost to the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the previous postseason.

Three of Dallas’ best players—wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, pass rusher Micah Parsons, and quarterback Dak Prescott—also need to hash out contract extensions. As of right moment, it seems like they are prioritizing Prescott’s extension over the other two, but it is Lamb who is holding out until he gets a new deal.

The Cowboys have a month or two before training camp, so they have time to sort things out. Some, meanwhile, are skeptical that the two sides can reach a consensus given the escalating cost of elite wide receiver talent this summer.

This can lead to a trade.
Why Is CeeDee Lamb Not Getting Paid What He Demands from the Dallas Cowboys?
Why Is CeeDee Lamb Not Getting Paid What He Demands from the Dallas Cowboys?

As mentioned, Dallas has numerous stars that they need to figure out how to pay. Prescott, as a high-profile Pro Bowl quarterback who is consistently an NFL MVP candidate, is going to be the most expensive of the bunch. Recently, the Jacksonville Jaguars gave their quarterback, Trevor Lawrence (who has not come anywhere close to matching Prescott’s accomplishments) a contract that will pay him $55 million per year for the next five seasons.

In other words, the price for quarterbacks is going up, and it’s going up quickly. If Lawrence can get $55 million annually, surely Prescott deserve a lot more. There are some who believe he could become the first player in NFL history to make $60 million a year.

Paying any player that much money means that there is less money for other players. This is a problem in Dallas because they have numerous homegrown players that need to be paid.

Lamb is looking for a deal that would pay him $30 million a year or more. After all, the Detroit Lions gave Amon-Ra St. Brown that much, and the Minnesota Vikings gave Justin Jefferson $35 million a year.

But neither of those two clubs is as concerned about salaries as Dallas is. By paying Prescott and Lamb $90 million annually, at least one-third of the wage ceiling would be consumed. When you factor in the $25–30 million Parsons could get, not much is left over for the other people.

NFL analyst suggests trading CeeDee Lamb to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Dallas Cowboys trade
NFL expert Sayre Bedinger makes the following trade suggestion in a recent piece on NFL Spin Zone: the Cowboys may send Lamb to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for some young, less expensive pass catchers:

“Imagine CeeDee Lamb playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and emerging as their long-term top target for quarterback Patrick Mahomes. This would take so much pressure off of Travis Kelce and would give the Chiefs the go-to threat at receiver they’ve been lacking for the last two years, and they’ve been winning big in spite of that roster weakness.

“Getting Lamb on the Chiefs’ roster would be unfair. The Cowboys would have to require something big in a trade from them like multiple first-round picks and a player even for the NFL to sign off on allowing something like this. But no matter what the Chiefs would give up, it probably wouldn’t be enough to make things “fair” for the 31 other NFL teams.”

The Chiefs certainly do not need a go-to wide receiver in order to win the Super Bowl. After all, they were able to win it all without one in each of the past two seasons. However, with Rashee Rice facing a long suspension, adding Lamb would do more than make up for his absence.

In return, the Cowboys could get any of Kansas City’s young wideouts and a plethora of draft picks.

While this scenario seems very unlikely, it is nonetheless intriguing. Something is going to have to give between Lamb and the Cowboys sooner or later, and there could be any number of teams that end up with his services in the event he gets traded.

This scenario is intriguing even if it appears improbable. Eventually, something will have to give between Lamb and the Cowboys, and if he is traded, a lot of clubs might wind up getting his services.

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