Jerry Jones takes unnecessary agreement with Bengals

Jerry Jones pokes fun at the Bengals without need.

This is true even though the Cowboys are the team that may gain the most if the league abandoned the broadcast paradigm.

He informed us by taking a stab at Cincinnati.

He declared, “I’m positive I could earn a lot more money than the Bengals.”

Given that the Bengals are currently among the AFC’s perennial contenders, why would he pick them out?

This is what the legendary Mike Florio had to say about the event:

The Bengals were not chosen by [Jones] at random or by mistake. Regarding income sharing, Jones and Bengals owner Mike Brown have a long-standing disagreement. NFL lore states that Brown’s reluctance to sell Paul Brown Stadium’s naming rights caused Jones and Brown to argue angrily during an ownership meeting.
Thus, it’s likely that the scenario was not based on information regarding the Bengals’ current situation.

Fans should be happy to hear that the broadcast model appears to be here to stay.


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