Jalen Hurts response to Nick Sirianni darkest fears

Bowen: In response to Jalen Hurts’ statement, the Eagles fans’ deepest anxieties were discussed.



I was visiting England and Scotland during the time of the issue surrounding Jalen Hurts’ responses to a few questions concerning Nick Sirianni. I was sightseeing and enjoying a variety of meats that were either coated in pastry or potatoes.

I was initially relieved to avoid the commotion. There were far more opinions than the scant material justified flying about. I decided to pass on this one because, really, did you know that Scotland is a really skilled producer of gin and whisky? What a nation!

But then I came home and my trigger finger got itchy. Doesn’t anyone want to know MY take on this latest Eagles melodrama? If there’s a debate raging about the relationshi…


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