Arizona Cardinals head coach said this to be his toughest decision

The Arizona Cardinals will have to make difficult decisions in the running back room in 2024.

There will be a lot of competition in the running back room.
We may start examining a variety of positions, groupings, and players on the cutting block now that the 2024 NFL training camp schedule for the Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL is just five weeks away.

Though there are still plenty to go through, I wanted to focus on the running backs today and see who will be cut before 2024.

From a salary cap and investment standpoint, this is what we know.

Here’s how the room looks as you look at it:

  • James Conner
  • Trey Benson
  • DeeJay Dallas
  • Michael Carter
  • Emari Demercado
  • Tony Jones

I think we all agree Conner and Benson are safe barring injury.

Based on the investment in Dallas, he seems like a sure thing to make this roster.

That leaves likely one spot for the three players in Michael Carter, Emari Demercado and Tony Jones.

Carter looked like the preferred third down back, but with Dallas on the roster is that spot now gone?

Demercado provided a lift and excitement this year, but is he more than that? Will that be enough to keep him on the roster?

Jones feels like a safe assumption to be gone, but he will get a lot of work along with Demercado and Carter in the preseason.

If I had to guess right now, the Cardinals four-man running back room in September (barring injury as always):

  • Conner
  • Benson
  • Carter
  • Dallas

Who do you have?

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