Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys president arrested

Cowboys and a slot machine company sign a sponsorship agreement.

Jerry Jones will assist the one-armed robber in robbing his clients of their money.

The Cowboys and Aristocrat Gaming have struck a sponsorship agreement, according to the Dallas Morning News. (Although, even if that was the intended effect, I considered including an Easter-egg video link to a Bob Saget clip from YouTube within the term “Aristocrat.”) In addition to having promotional materials all over AT&T Stadium, the slot machine manufacturer will run in-game advertisements on the Jumbotron during Cowboys games.

Although Texas does not allow slot machines, the intention is to entice fans to travel to Oklahoma, where there are slot machines with NFL themes ready to accept their money.

“We really value the Cowboys’ close proximity to Oklahoma from a business standpoint,” Aristocrat (I just checked) chief marketing officer Mark Wadley stated. Dallas is home to a sizable portion of the patronage of WinStar and other Oklahoman casinos. It is therefore crucial for us to get the chance to speak with them while they are traveling to such casinos.

The Cowboys, Raiders, Patriots, and Saints are the four clubs that Aristocrat has collaborated with.
According to the Morning News story, it is estimated that Texans spend about $5 billion annually on gambling in neighboring states and $8 billion on illegal gaming within the state.

Surprisingly, Texas is unable to legalize gaming and collect a sizable portion of the money that sportsbooks and casinos inexorably make from the gullible people who fall for their games every time a slot machine flashes, “Try again.”


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