The Broncos Hc made the costly decision to mistakenly called QB

The Broncos quarterback position was mistakenly called a “distraction” going into 2024.

Bo Nix, the first pick of the 2024 NFL Draft, is the most notable of the new quarterbacks the Denver Broncos have as quarterback. Is this unit going to be a distraction come 2024? Saying that this unit is a distraction is difficult. It might even be the complete opposite.

Mixed reviews greeted Bo Nix, who was selected with the 12th overall choice in the 2024 NFL Draft. While some believed that the Broncos overpaid for Nix, others felt that the decision and Nix’s fit in the system made perfect sense.

Nix, along with veteran Zach Wilson and current quarterback Jarrett Stidham, entered a quarterback room. Even though the offseason is still early, Stidham seems to be the “leader” in the locker room for the starting quarterback position. That is to be anticipated, though, considering Nix is a new addition to the offense and Stidham is in his second year there.

According to Bleacher Report, the Broncos quarterback room is a distraction.

This offseason, the Broncos took the expensive decision to cut ties with Wilson. The Broncos made the decision to continue with the coach despite the quarterback and coach’s inability to get along.

Nix was ranked 61st overall on the B/R Scouting Department’s final big board. Still, his strengths, accuracy, and ability to play on-time are logical fits in a Payton offense.

The coach’s track record and the use of a first-round pick on Nix are going to create quite the microscope for the Denver offense.

Courtland Sutton’s contract situation could add another layer of complexity for the franchise. Jeff Legwold of ESPN reported they are at a “stalemate” on a contract extension and a holdout could be coming in July.

The Broncos have put a lot of faith in Payton to get the Broncos trending in the right direction after seven consecutive losing seasons. Nix is currently competing with Jarrett Stidham and Zach Wilson for the starting QB job.

Payton’s ability to prepare Nix for success and get the most out of the Broncos offense is something that could become a distraction if not handled properly.”

Here, I believe they have fallen short. Whether or when Russell Wilson succeeds with the Pittsburgh Steelers, his new team for at least 2024, is what they may be attempting to convey here, not the Broncos quarterback room. If Wilson is succeeding and the quarterbacks for the Broncos are struggling, it would draw unwelcome attention.

However, contrary to what they claim, the “distraction” is not the Broncos quarterback room. I fail to see how this is even a problem if both clubs’ quarterbacks are having respectable seasons. It is possible that the Broncos offense is run as it should be because Bo Nix and Jarrett Stidham fit the offense much better than Russell Wilson ever did.

This would subsequently place the Pittsburgh Steelers and Russell Wilson under close scrutiny.


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