Giants unhappy with $40 million quarterback after……

The Giants are aware that their $40 million quarterback only has one more season to establish his value.

During the 2024 NFL Draft, the New York Giants faced a crucial decision that would have a big impact on the team’s quarterback situation going forward. They had tried to trade up to get UNC quarterback Drake Maye, but the Patriots chose to hold their spot and choose Maye themselves, so they were unable to close the transaction.
The Giants’ Draft Plan and Daniel Jones’s Prospects
This result put the Giants in a difficult position where they had to decide between selecting a top-tier playmaker or the next best quarterback available. They went with option number two, picking Malik Nabers, which shows that they were hesitant to go for a quarterback who wasn’t rated highly on their draft board. This decision also marks another crucial year for Daniel Jones, who must now deal with what

There have been ups and downs throughout Daniel Jones’ time with the Giants, including an ACL tear and a neck injury that severely limited his play in the previous campaign. Jones, a quarterback worth forty million dollars, was only able to complete 160 throws for 909 yards, with two touchdowns and six interceptions. These stats were undoubtedly below what was expected of a player at his salary level.
The 2024 season is approaching, and it will be crucial for Jones. He needs to prove that he has made significant progress in addition to providing evidence for his massive prospective cap hits of $41.6 million in 2025 and $58.6 million in 2026. The Giants have not restructured his contract, which is a significant indication that they are reticent to give him more money.

Unless Jones has a breakout season, general manager Joe Schoen is more likely to restructure contracts for other important players like Andrew Thomas, Dexter Lawrence, and Brian Burns. This suggests that Jones may not be in the Giants’ long-term plans. Drawing parallels with Trevor Lawrence—who just signed a huge contract extension—only serves to emphasize the differences in potential and performance between the two quarterbacks. Trevor Lawrence is younger than Jones, has not sustained any serious injuries, and has demonstrated more promise.

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