Eagles has no option than taking this one choice to savage..

If the Eagles wish to talk Jason Kelce out of retirement, they only have one choice.

Jason might not end up with this one, but something tells us he’ll be alright.
Call us crazy, but there are times when it seems like we have seen more of Jason Kelce than we did during his playing career since he left the Philadelphia Eagles. No, we mean business. We gave up when he and Lane Johnson shown up at WrestleMania wearing luchador masks. “The game is now different.” We convinced ourselves of that, and you know what? It certainly has!

Please do not misunderstand us. This is known locally as “Kelce TV 24-7.” We follow this guy’s every move, whether it’s discussing a New Heights episode or whatever else he gets involved in. To be honest, we usually watch NFL Network to  watch the Monday Night Football pregame stuff. This year, we’re thinking of finally turning the dial to ESPN.

Why? It’s easy. The G.O.A.T. was included in the broadcast.

Although Jason is enjoying his retirement, he still receives the occasional verbal recruitment letter from players like Saquon Barkley. Although we are aware that he misses the game, he has long since decided to give it up. He talked about the long-term consequences of his 13-year career, and we are confident that he made the best choice for himself.

Philly, do not fear. There might be one alternative if you’re still holding out hope for his return, but it won’t include him suiting up on game day.

Playfully, Jason Kelce offers to rejoin the Eagles as a member of the ownership group.

“Listen, if you tell me I could own the Philadelphia Eagles, I’ll back out of the TV deal right now.” That’s what our boy G.O.A.T. said on the most recent episode of his and his brother’s wildly successful podcast. If you want to hear the audio, skip to the 51:30 mark.
Jason is, of course, joking. In addition, his brother attempted in jest to dissuade him from his notion. How come? Not at all! Come on. Are you joking with me? to possess something? It’s on a different level.

Something alerts us to Jason Kelce doesn’t need to be concerned. He’s played football and earned a few bucks. The New Heights podcast that he and his brother Travis Kelce host is a big success. And there’s the previously mentioned TV deal. You may have also heard. He’s kind of one of Philly’s adopted sons

Jason has a legacy. He is destined to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and will never have to pay for food or drink in the City of Brotherly Love again. Everyone adores him. Hell, we adore him. However, there’s a hint that he might wish to dedicate himself to his bright new TV profession for a while.

We’ll wait and see what transpires. But he’s got a great job. Despite all of his talent, we have a feeling he will be alright.

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