A Complete Guide to Love and Relationships in 2022

 A guide to love and relationship in 2023


The words love and relationship have mutual or reciprocal relation.

How do I mean?

There is a corellation between the two words. We shall come back to this later on this post.

What is love?

Yeah, we've heard the word "Love", severally but many of us have never even cared to find out what it truly means.

Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person.

It can also be defined as a deep liking towards someone or something.

Ultimately love is q profound and caring attraction towards someone or something.

What is relationship?

Relationship according to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, means the way in which two people or two groups behave towards each other. Relationship is the state of being connected or a state of association.

Relationship could be by blood, marriage or another means.

At the beginning of this write up, I did mention that love and Relationship are kind of intertwined. You remember right?

Do you know why? It's simple, often times... A relationship is an end result of love..

Love is a natural force hence the universe wants its children to love one another. The truth of the matter is that if you don't love the universe and planet earth, you cannot truly love any one (be it man, woman or animal).

There are different types of love..

But I'll be discussing probably three of them shortly


The first on the list is PHILIA.. I know a couple of people can get confused as to what PHILIA really means. According to my research, it is the kind of love that exists between friends and relatives.


It is the deep kind of feeling that exists between compatible people. This is the kind of love we all express and see on our TV screens.


This is an unconditional kind of love which is very rare. It is you loving a person without expecting anything in return.

Many young people today... I mean young people like me cos I'm still quite young.

Most of us confuse love with infatuation.

What then is infatuation?

It is based upon feelimg that are fleeting but in actual sense, love should be based on interaction, information and intelligent decisions.

Excuse me? How do you love someone you don't know?

I don't believe in falling in love or love at first sight... I Infact believe that you grow in love.

Some times love exists naturally between teens and adults and most times though not every time... It could be a sign that they should be together.

But most times, untamed passion and youthful exuberance makes them lose sight and they end up breaking apart wishing they never met in the first place.

Love gives birth into a relationship. Love is the fuel that keeps a relationship burning. Life generally is all about relationships. Man is born by a relationship and lives by a relationship and eventually dies in a relationship. It goes on and on over and over again.

But you can be a failure in life if you are in the wrong relationship. This reminds me of the book "7 habits of highly effective people" by Stephen Covey.. This book gave me an over sight of relationship and how it affect your effectiveness.

Relationship is like a bank account, if you keep withdrawing without giving any deposit you'll go bank rupt in less than no time.

Relationship is all about sacrifices, its for givers not for takers.

It's very important to be in a relationship and make sure the relationship is something good or make sure it isn't killing you gradually.

To have a long lasting relationship, you need to understand that it takes time and it strongly requires your ability and that of your partner to make it work.

You must be committed, real, sacrificial, no secrets or lies..

You know a lot of people say love doesn't exist or true love is a thing of the past..

I'm telling you that it actually does exist and you can find love again..

Till I write to you again. I hope you learnt something from my guide to love and relationship in year 2022 and beyond

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