Communication Principle in the Computer Engineering and Electrical Electronics Field

 Communication Principle in the Computer Engineering Field 

Noise Limitation

 Noise as we all know is a random, unwanted or undesirable electrical energy that enters the communications system through the communicating medium and interferes with the transmitted messages.

Noise is inevitable in all electrical communications systems because there is always thermal noise associated with conduction.

Successful electrical communications depends on how accurately the receiver can determine or distinguish between the wanted and unwanted signals. 

Equipment limitation

Bandwidth and noise limitation dictates what can be achieved in terms of system performance. However, this theoretical limit may not be reached in a practical system due to equipment limitation. Using a wrong equipment can also negatively impact or affect the information to be transmitted. 

Signal Analysis 

Yo this isn't Forex.. Just understand the basics. 

A signal is an event which serves or at least is capable and has the utmost ability to invite some kind of acion. 

An electrical signal can therefore be either a current or voltage wave form which varies with time and is used to carry information from one point to another. 

Intel Communications System 

  Do you know the information from the source is usually in the form of coded symbols or words?

Yeah that's true you heard me right! 

These symbols are converted to electrical signals by the input transducers. 

It is the electrical signal that is processed and transmitted over the channel to the receiving end. 

They can be grouped into two forms namely :

1. random 

2. Deterministic 

Also  we have:

1. Periodic 

2. Non periodic 

Random Signal 

A random signal is the one in which there are some degree of uncertainty before it actually occurs. 

Deterministic /non random signal 

These are the kind of signals where there is no degree of uncertainty in its values. It is quite easy to write Mathematical expression for them.

We will talk about that later on. 

Periodic Signal 

It is one that repeats itself after a fixed length of time. Thus, the signal f(t) is periodic, it there is number t such that f-t) =f(t + T) for all t. 

The smallest possible value of T that satisfies the equation above is called the period. 

Non Periodic Signal 

Any signal for which there is no value of T satisfying the equation is said to be non periodic i.e the signal does not repeat it self at a fixed length. 

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